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January 2000 – Wroclaw Museum of Architecture  - a few people have met to create a gregorian choir. That was Jan Andrzej Dabrowski idea, who wanted engage gregorian ensemble into his cultural project "Academia Musicae Sacrae".

It was my first meeting with wonderful young people, who has already given the expresion to tradition music performing it during masses and prayers in local dominican church. We named the choir – „Schola Gregoriana Silesiensis”.

In August 2000 Scholae Gregorianae Silesiensis musical projects started being patronated  by Wroclaw Culture and Art Centre (OKiS). We quickly established contacts with other similar ensembles in Poland, and the most important - we gathered  a numerous grup of cooperators and friends. Their unexpected interest in choral and traditional music pushed us to extended our activity.

On the end of April 2002 our new cultural association has been registered. Now the choral singers as well as tradion enthusiasts can meet and work as a Schola Gregoriana Silesiensis Association members. We hope that step by step we’ll grow up, gather tradition music lovers and perform the choral chants - which are the first common music in Europe.

Robert Pozarski

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