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This programme presents the Maunday Thursday's lturgical drama the Mandatum from the Graduale Monasticum Cisterciense (Kraków, 1257). It has been described by prof. Julian Lewański in his book "Latin liturgical dramas of the Holy Week of XI - XVI cent." from the series "Old Polish liturgical dramas" vol. I, Scientific Society KUL, 1999. During the ceremony of Mandatum one of the cantors takes the role of Jesus Christ and washes the feet of other singers that represent the Apostles gathered at the Last Supper. To create the scenes of this drama we have used the experiences gained during the long-lasting cooperation with Schola of Węgajty Theatre.

I. Ad Missam

Processio ad Introitum Nos autem, t. IV [ download ASF file - 3,42 MB ]

Kyrie, t. IV

Gloria, t. VII

Lectio Epistolæ Beati Pauli Apostoli ad Corinthios

Graduale Xpistus factus est, t. V [ download ASF file - 2,74 MB ]

Sequentia sancti Evangelii secundum Ioannem

II. Mandatum 

1. Ant. Mandatum novum, t. VIII - præparatio ad lotionem pedes 

[ download ASF file - 2,70 MB ]

2. Ant. Postquam surrexit Dominus, t. IV

3. Ant. In diebus illis, t. VII

4. Ant. Maria ergo, t. VI

5. Ant. Vos vocatis me, t. II [ download ASF file - 1,79 MB ]

6. Ant. Diligamus nos, t. VII

7. Ant. Ubi est caritas, t. VII

8. Ant. Congregavit nos Xpistus, t. II

9. Ant. Mulier, quæ erat, t. VIII

10. Ant. Domine, tu mihi lavas pedes, t. V - dialogus Petro & Dominus 

[ download ASF file - 2,84 MB ]

11. Ant. Si ego, Dominus, t. IV

12. Ant. In hoc cognoscent omnes, t. VII

13. Ant. Maneant in vobis, t. VII

14. Ant. Benedicta sit, t. II - doxologia

III. Hymnus ad Processio Ubi est caritas, t. VI

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