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Songs from the concert "Music time of cholera", July 31, 2011, st Nicolas Bishop Church,  Wolborz, Festival "Colours of Poland"

  Incipit Lamentatio Jeremiae, Rituale Piotrcoviense, 1631. 

Cantor - Adam Skobliński.

Lamentatio Jeremiae, Rituale Piotrcoviense, 1631. 

Cantor - Piotr Górka.

Responsorium Ne recorderis peccata mea t. VI, Rituale Piotrcoviense, 1631. 

Cantor - Robert Pożarski.

Oratio Jeremiae, Rituale Piotrcoviense, 1631. 

Cantor - Konrad Zagajewski.

Ps. 126 Nisi Dominus aedificaverit domum, part of Kantata Eia Volboriensis civitas, comp. Maciej Kaziński

Age, part of Kantata Eia Volboriensis civitas, comp. Maciej Kaziński



Pieces of Vesperas in Resurrectionis registerde 14 kwietnia roku at the s. Bartholomei church in Wrocławiu. Registration made with Simpson Microphones>>>

Responsorium Haec dies, Tone II,

Responsorium Christus resurgens, Tone I,

Antiphona Regina caeli, Tone V



Pieces of Missa Sancti Iacobi performed on July 25th, 2007 at the st. Vincent & Jacob Cathedral in Wroclaw

Kyrie Rex immense, Tone V/VI,

Responsorium Misit Herodes, Tone V,

Offertorium Ascendens Iesus, Tone VI


Pieces from the 1st Vesper St. Romuald Abbot performed on June 18th, 2007 at the Cathedral in Kielce:

Antiphona ad Introitum Os iusti, Tone VI,

Responsorium Sint lumbi vestri, Tone II,

Antiphona ad Magnificat Confessor Domini i Canticum BMV, Tone I


Responsorium Loquens Ioseph, Tone I, from the Vesper of Dominica III Quadragesimae. Registered during a concert in Walbrzych (Waldenburg) March 19, 2006. Mastering Arkadiusz Podstawka.


Introitus Requeim aeternam, Tone VI, - from CD In Agenda Defunctorum:  

1.Ant. Requiem aeternam - Graduale P.P. Klarysek, Cracow, 1257. 

2. Ver. Te decet hymnus - Johannes Ockeghem Missa Requiem. 

3. Ant. Requiem aeternam - Johannes Ockeghem Missa Requiem. 


Videoclips registered on Oct. 8, 2004 during concert Scholae Gregorianae Silesiensis in Marmoutier near Strasbourg at the Festival "Voix et Route Romane" . That was a concert presentation of Mandatum project.

Processio ad Introitum Nos autem, Tone IV [ download ASF - 3,42 MB ]

Graduale Xpistus factus est, Tone V [ download ASF - 2,74 MB ]

Ant. Mandatum novum, Tone VIII & Ant. Postquam surrexit Dominus, ton IV 

[ download ASF - 2,70 MB ]

Ant. Vos vocatis me, Tone II [ download ASF - 1,79 MB ]

Ant. Domine, tu mihi lavas pedes, Tone V [ download ASF - 2,84 MB ]


Alleluia Potestas eius, Tone I, from the Christ the Imperor Mass, a version from Graduale Triplex according to a neumatic contrfacture from Ms Einsiedeln 121.

Kyrie, Greek origin, registered during the Vesper of St. Cyrill & Methody on Feb. 13, 2002 in the Silesian Piast Mauzoleum in Wroclaw. 

Benedicamus Domino, Tone I - from  Graduale Panien Klarysek, Starey Sacz, XVI c.

Offertorium Benedic anima mea, Tone V, from the Mass of Dominica XXXI per Annum registered on Nov. 3, 2002 during a Liturgy in Boleslawiec.


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