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R e p e r t o i r e


This programme is the reconstruction of the Rorate Coeli Mass (which is an advent mass celebrated early in the morning) from the songbook made by Walenty Bartoszewski of the Jezuit Order in Wilno in 1613.



Introitus Rorate Cœli
Canto I Ave o Maria / Praised be oh Mary
Alleluia Prophetæ sancti predicaverunt
Canto III Mittit ad Virginem / God the Almighty hath sent forward
Canto V After the fall of the sinful man
Agnus Dei
Canto VII A graceful Voice comes out of Haeven
Canto X A chant of St. Wojciech
Canto XXV A buggle-call: Oh the Eternal God, oh the Living Go
Canto XXVIII Salve Regina / Hail oh Queen of Haeven

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