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Robert Pozarski


Robert Pożarski (b.1965) 


– singer and student of medieval manuscript sources; in 1992, he obtained a diploma in solo vocal performance from the Frederic Chopin High School of Music in Warsaw, graduating under Prof. Edward Pawlak; he participated many times in the International Summer Academy of Early Music in Warsaw’s Wilanów, studying baroque singing under Prof. Piotr Kusiewicz; he also studied medieval chant interpretation under Marcel Pérès in Paris, and Byzantine chant under Charlambos Rimbas. He is one of the founders of Lectors’ Schola Cantorum, established in 1988 at the Warsaw Metropolitan Major Seminary. As the ensemble’s cantor he recorded two medieval monastic rhymed offices dedicated to St. Stanislaus and St. Adalbert. Since 1995 he has been a singer with the Bornus Consort ensemble, with which he recorded four albums: Mielczewski, Media vita, O niebezpieczeństwie żywota człowieczego [On the peril of man’s life], and In Assumptionis BMV; since 1996 he has also been a cantor with the Węgajty Theatre Ensemble, and his output as the group’s artistic leader includes three medieval liturgical dramas: Ordo stellae, Ordo annuntiationis, Planctus Mariae and the performance Miracula sancti Nicolai. As part of the Culture 2000 festival, he was one of the six soloists in the international project Codex Calixtinus. Since 2000 he has been cantor and artistic leader of Wrocław’s Schola Gregoriana Silesiensis, with which he recorded the CD entitled In agenda defunctorum - Missa Requiem by Johannes Ockeghem and completed many projects concerned with medieval liturgical music, including Mandatum (presented in 2004 at the Voix et Route Romane festival in Alsatia), Missa sancti Iacobi, Officium in Nativitate Sancti Ioannis Baptistae, and Parthenomelica. Since 2002 he has been the cantor of the female Schola Mulierum Silesiensis, with which he recorded the album Fulget in orbe dies – Oficjum rymowane o św. Jadwidze [The rhymed office of St. Hedwig] in 2008. In 2002–2009 he completed a series of musical projects titled Zanurzeni w Tradycji [Steeped in Tradition]; in 2012 he embarked on another series of musical projects called Chorał sarmacki [Sarmatian chant], which involved preparing and publicly presenting four concert programs: G.G. Gorczycki i chorał piotrkowski [G. G. Gorczycki and the Piotrków chant], Castrum doloris – staropolskie ceremonie pogrzebowe [Castrum doloris: old Polish burial ceremonies], Parvule pupule – sarmackie Boże Narodzenie [Parvule pupule: the Sarmatian Christmas], and Vivat Rzeczpospolita! [Vivat the Polish Commonwealth], a thanksgiving Mass on the 450th anniversary of the Union of Lublin. All those programs were released on CDs in the Cantus sarmaticus series (DUX 994, DUX 1104, DUX 1172, DUX 1549). Since 2015 he has been collaborating with Gdańsk’s Scholae Gregorianae Gedanensis on the Notula Dominorum Teutonicorum project concerned with promoting medieval chant from the Teutonic Knights’ sources.  

He conducts Gregorian chant workshops and directs liturgical singing during the International Festival of Early Music “Pieśń naszych korzeni” [The song of our roots] in Jarosław; he also conducted a number of singing workshops at the invitation of the Dominical Liturgical Center, among others. 

Since 2009 he has been cantor at the former Camaldolese church in Warsaw’s Bielany district. 

He also performs Baroque and contemporary repertoire (including vocal and vocal-instrumental pieces by Arvo Pärt). He recorded 25 CDs with medieval, baroque and contemporary music. He also took part in the staging of Joseph Bodin de Boismortier’s baroque opera Don Quichote chez la Duchesse, playing the role of Sancho Pansa, as well as in the first staging of Marco Vitale’s opera Il ratto di Helena with a 16th-century libretto by Virgilio Puccitelli, a performance which took place in 2018 at the Palace of Grand Dukes of Lithuania in Vilnius.


1.      Wincenty z Kielczy - Historia gloriosissimi Stanislai - Lektorska Schola Cantorum – Pro Musica Camerata 1994

2.      Stanisław Głowacki - St Matthew Passion - soli/Choir Cantores Minores Senza Battuta – Tow. Muz. im. E. Kowalika 1994/2000 [CD]

3.      Marcin Mielczewski - Opera Omnia - Bornus Consort/Linnamusikuud – DUX 1996 (Fryderyk Prize)

4.      Benedic regem cunctorum - Rhymed Office of St Adalbert - Lektorska Schola Cantorum – Pro Musica Camerata 1997

5.      Augustyn Bloch - Millenium sancti Adalberti - Ars Nova/Bornus Consort/Il Canto – Polskie Radio 1997

6.      Media vita - Bornus Consort –  DUX 1997 (Fryderyk Prize Nomination)

7.      Codex Calixtinus - Ensemble Codex Calixtinus/Cracow Philharmony Choir – DUX 2000

8.      In agenda defunctorum - Missa Requiem Johannesa Ockeghema - Bornus Consort/Schola Gregoriana Silesiensis – Multikulti 2004

9.      Heinrich Schütz - Symphoniae Sacrae I, II, Weihnachtshistorie - Capella Augustana – Brilliant Classics 2004

10.  In Assumptionis BMV - Bornus Consort/Dominican Friors Schola – Musicon 2005

11.  Cyprian Bazylik - O niebezpieczeństwie żywota człowieczego - Bornus Consort – Multikulti 2006

12.  Ludus Passionis - Schola Teatru Węgajty - 2007

13. Fulget in orbe dies - Rhymed Office of St Hedwigis - Schola Gregoriana Silesiensis/Schola Mulierum Silesiensis – Kolegium Europy Wschodniej 2008

14.  Stanisław Szczyciński - St John Passion - Bornus Consort/Camerata Vistula - 2009

15.  Polish Renaissance Songs - Bornus Consort/Cantio Antiqua/Svobodne hudebni bratrstwo - 2010

16.  Acathist to Holy Mary - Bornus Consort/Marcin Abijski – 2011

17.  Stanisław Szczyciński – Glorious Way of the Cross - Gdansk University Academic Choir/Marcin Tomczak – Mikroklimat 2013

18. Grzegorz Gerwazy Gorczycki & Piotrkow Chant – Chór Sarmacki/Bornus Consort/Robert Pożarski – DUX 2013

19.  Good Evening – VooVoo/Bornus Consort – Agora 2014

20.  Requiem c-moll : op. 42 ; Missa C-dur op. 22 ; De profundis op. 43 – Cantores Minores Wratislavienses/Kapela Jasnogórska/Piotr Karpeta – Musicon 2014

21.  Castrum doloris - Chór Sarmacki/Bornus Consort/Concerto Antemurale/Orkiestra Czasów Zarazy/Robert Pożarski – DUX 2014

22.  Parvule pupule - Chór Sarmacki/Bornus Consort/Concerto Antemurale/Trombastic /Robert Pożarski – DUX 2014

23.  Convenant – Michał Lorenc/ London Symphony Orchestra - Warner Music Poland 2016  

24. Graduał wiślicki – Stoltzer Ensemble/Łukasz Mazur/Robert Pożarski/Agnieszka Kowalczyk-Krzysiek - CMD Classical Music Distribution, 2016

25.  Assumpta est Maria – Schola Gregoriana Gedanensis/Robert Pożarski – Parafia Wniebowzięcia NMP Żukowo 2018

26. Vivat Rzeczpospolita! - Chór Sarmacki/Schola Gregoriana Silesiensis/Trombastic/Robert Pożarski - DUX 2019


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