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R e p e r t o i r e


"Puer natus est nobis"
The programme consists of Latin chants and Old Polish carols for Christmas.

I. Canto "God so loved the man" from the songbook from the Library of Czartoryscy (1551)

II. Fragments of II Vespers for Christmas

Capitulum Surge Ierusalem
Responsorium brevis Verbum caro factum est
Hymnus Jesu Redemptor omnium
Versiculum Notum fecit Dominus
Antiphona ad Magnificat Hodie Christus natus est

III. Processio Dies est laetitie

IV. Old Polish carols

Glorified be God in Haeven - this chant takes form of a sequence with polish text taken from the songbook of Walenty of Brzozowo (1569)

Puer natus in Betlehem/A Son has been born in Bethlehem - a Latin canticle with Polish translation from the songbook of Peter Artomius (1587)

When the Christ was born - a carol from the songbook of Peter Artomius; one of the many versions of text taken from the Latin carol In natali Domini (On the birthday of the Lord)

Munificent evening - a carol from the songbook of Peter Artomius

V. Sequentia Laetabundus exultet fidelis chorus - sequence from the Graduale Cisterciense from Henryków, I half of the XIV cent.

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