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"Songs of Passion"

The "Songs of Passion" programme takes form of a passion procession to four stages. It is the presentation of Old Polish and traditional Lent songs combined with fragments of Latin Lent and Holy Week liturgy.

Latin chants:

Domine, non secundum peccata nostra – tractus from the Ash Wednesday's Mass from the Graduale Monasticum Clarisiense, Kraków (II half of the XVIII cent.)

Lamentatio Jeremii Prophetae – readings from the Good Friday's Matutinum from the Antiphonarium Prototipum de Humberto de Romanis (1252)

Popule meus – Improperia from the Good Fridays's Service from the Graduale Monasticum Clarisiense, Kraków (II half of the XVIII cent.)

Vexila regis prodeunt – hymn for the Holy Week Vespers with the text of Wenancjusz Fortunat (VII cent.)

Old Polish chants:

Jezus Christ - the God and Man – the oldest Polish passion chant known. It is the translation of Horae canonicae Salvatoris. It's structure is based on the Breviary (Officium divinum)

The Altar of Jesus that is the fifteen meditations of God's torment – this XV cent. chant coming from Franciscan (of the St. Bernard monastery) sources. Its text is incorrectly accredited to Ładysław of Gielniów.

Oh Holy Cross above all else – chant from the manuscript from the Kórnik's Library (1551). The first three stanzas are the translation of the hymn Crux fidelis.

Traditional chants from Kurpie (Poland):

Kneeling in the Olive Garden
I approach Thee, Jesus, my love
Oh God have mercy upon me the sinner - Ps. 50

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